Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Assignment #11 FINAL PROJECT

Tbh, I went online and visited trusty Google images to look at ideas for Vancouver photography before we set out on the feild trip the next morning (which i missed so thats why my photos are done in the evening light, because I did it the same day just different times) I saw that people liked to photograph this sepcific building called, the Angelo Calori Building. and while this was just an added photo that I took on the scavenger turned out to be one I kinda liked so I got rid of the wires above and the car, as well as the time stamp! darn time stamps! Then i lit up the sky and made it a little warmer of a hue!. needless to say I like the finished product :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Assignment #10: Gastown Scavenger Hunt

For this assignment we were taken to Gastown in Vancouver, where we were given a list of 20 items/words to photograph. The point was to see our own individual interpretations for 10 of these items/words. This is my result!

This is the photo I chose for boots because I like how the light red contrasted with the dark red and the green of the trees. Also I wanted this photo to have a cool angle so I crouched down to take this if i remember correctly, otherwise im just short lol 

Gaoler Mews                  

I chose this photo for Gaoler Mews cause I really like how the turquoise triangle under the sign brings colour to the photo. I also like this because the drain pipe as well as the sign is placed on one of the 3rds in the photos.

Gassy ____.                            

I chose this photo because this is the Gassy Jack statue in Gastown. As far as compositional rules go, this would be angle of view shot.
I'm hot & steamy                           

Unfortunatly I completely forgot about compositional rules on this but this was my inturpretation of "Im hot & steamy" because I know this clock steams I think every half hour!

This is the photo that I chose for lights because I was not entirely sure what this person was taking a picture of but how it ended up was cool because the lights kinda lead you to look at him or vise versa. for compostional rules, I would say that this follows rule of thirds, repetition and leading lines.

New vs Old

this is the new vs old. In this photo the new would be the graffitti and the old would be the brick. I think this photo would be contrast because of the dark brick to the colour of the art.

Stereotypical Tourist Pose              
This is an obvious tourist pose thanks to a friend of mine who was so helpful...until my camera died! this was the best shot out of the multiple ones we took before a ton more tourists came to do touristy poses LOL. This would totally be a scale composition!


This is the shot that I chose for trains because I really like how it stretched far into the distance along with the train tracks which leads me to the composition of the shot being, Leading Lines!


I looked on Google to find out what is signifigant about the W in Vancouver and it turns out it used to Woodwards which is now where the SFU campus is now located. I liked this because when looking on Google Images I found actual photoshoots of couples (married or not) and this must of been where they met. Compositional rules, id say would be repetition of the grate type pannels in the back on the apartment.

Working Hard                                              

And at last the 10th photo! This man here was getting ready to pack up for the day when I kindly asked him to pose for me, after I told him what this was for. His artwork caught my eye more so than others so I had to ask him. Thanks stranger :) as for composition.... nothing extreme but maybe rule of thirds because thats where he is in the photo.


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Assignment #7 Rule of Thirds & Leading Lines (LATE)

Rule of Thirds: the first photo captured my eye instantly because of the lighted tip and i like where i positioned it so it worked for rule of thirds. second photo i chose because it was a simple thing too shoot, nothing entirely special about this one though. third photo I used the beautiful MMM as the model for rule of thirds...this photo worked perfectly cause she had gone up there to go on the slide and right where she stopped to talk to Jimmy and I, im said wait there and bang! perfect shot! 

Leading Lines: first photo i took when coming back from the Quay and walking over the bridge. I liked  this because it showed multiple leading lines that showcase the cities action! for the second photo, this one is edited and also from the Quay but i liked the angle i took this from and the transition of the long grass and the wood of the bridge thing. Last but not least this was taken randomly at Royal Oak on my way to metro!  I like how the train makes you follow it to the darkened part because of the clouds ad how right over top metro is shadowed i guess you would call it.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Assignment #9: Composition - Contrast, Texture, Repetition, Angle of View

This is the shot I chose for Repetition. When I first got to the key I decided I could go back when I leave and photograph this because I really liked the blue arch ways and how they were lined up. Though this is not contrast.. I liked how the blue contrasted with the yellow.

This is my photograph for contrast, I chose this because I like how the dark shade covers the dark green of the flower stem then the flower itself hits the bit of light shining in that spot. I think it was also cool how the shad outlines the flower as a whole.

This is my Angle of View shot that I particularly like because of the light of the railing that leads to the end of the photo to the end of the boardwalk then the other side being dark, also leading to the end of the boardwalk. Kind of reminds me of a train station and the tunnel vision

And at last, my favorite photo out of this whole set, TEXTURE! This one I knew I wanted right off the bat because the bark on the tree was rough, dark, old, bland and obviously the rose was smooth, vibrant, new and red. I thought these two components also contrast well.

Assignment #8: Composition - Scale, Depth, Framing, Simplicity

Can you guess which one this is? Framing! I thought this was a cool shot because it reminded me of movies where they have the holy object or sacred object that always seems to have a some sort of light source beaming onto it. Random I know..and I liked the fact that in between the (wooden) trees, theres a wooden bench.

All thanks to the great Stephanie for standing in front of the "Tallest Tin Soldier"! obviously this is a picture that shows scale! thought this would be a perfect example of scale!
I chose this photo for Simplicity because this was a moment at the beach one evening with a long time friend and this is at the point when we were trying to take a photo and we started laughing at how long it was taking to get a good shot that would work. So I figured this picture would capture the simplicity in the of this time because we werent posing here, just laughing in the moment.

And as my last photo, I chose this photo to capture depth because in the fore ground you see a goat, then you see my beautiful, bright school counseller sitting in the suns view, and in the background is my gorgeous classmate who just so happens to be in the light. I know its not the best for depth but I think that this works in the way it is set up.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Photo Challenge: Theme - Natural

I chose these pictures for the theme "Natural" because these are friends who happen to be naturally strange, complex, fun, and different individuals! These pictures sure do capture it! Im going to miss seeing these guys everyday at school in our natural habitat. :D 

Natural Beings

Friday, 14 June 2013

Assignment #6 White Balance - Mini Assignment

  • This assignment was to use Auto.White.Balance (AWB) as the 1st picture inside and outside, then use the lighting that fitted the environment as the 2nd photo. As for the 3rd photo we were to take a picture using a pre-set white balance of choice.

White Balance (left to right) Auto, Tungsten, Flouresant

This is my indoor set of photos I took. I noticed a slight difference between the AWB and the rooms actual white balance being flouresant. Flouresant lighting showed the white through the lense to be more closer to the natural colour of the object itself. As for Tungsten it is obviously the farthest away from the original, with a blue tint.

White Balance (left to right): Auto, Sunny, Tungsten
This is my outside set of photos where

This is my outdoor set of photos in the front of school where I captured the animals and old school telephone leaving the building. Yes! They have officially "left the building".. Haha
It was kinda sunny outside with a little bit of clouds which is why i could see the AWB working but the pre-set Sunny option worked best of course because that was the environment. Then there is the tungsten again that has the tint of blue which kinda makes it feel alot more cloudy but on the other hand the farm animals and phone are white original, not blue...
As a side note... imagine: walking around
 in the public eye with a little telephone attatched
to a string (that is as old as maybe 45 years of age)
provided from my awesome focus teacher
and two farm animals courtesy of
 another one of my awesome teachers!
Oh if looks could kill haha,
people these days are alot more crazier
 than I looked on this day so give me a break,
 im just taking photos!  :D